About Let’s Make Music Together®, LLC

Welcome to Let’s Make Music Together of Richmond, VA. We’re proud to provide high quality kids’ music classes.

Clara started attending Music Together classes with her baby daughter in 2015.  They had so much fun singing and dancing together every week that Clara decided to become a Music Together teacher. Clara had taught Music Together classes for a couple of years when her colleague, Carol Smoot, retired and asked Clara to continue Let’s Make Music Together.   Clara was very excited to take on this opportunity to make music with this wonderful community of families.

Here at Let’s Make Music Together, our greatest joy comes from seeing children discover music.

Today, Let’s Make Music Together offers classes two days a week at locations in Richmond, serving children and families from throughout the Monument Ave/Broad St neighborhood of Richmond.  Come join us for a free trial of our kids’ music classes to find out if our program is right for you and your family!