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Hi Carol,

Due to Isabelle starting preschool this year, we will not be able to make music classes this fall. This is the first fall in 5 years that music class won't be a part of my life and the void is noticeable. But I have already asked to bring Finley Wittkamp to class when her mom has her baby in January and I'm looking forward to that!

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful foundation you have given Nicholas and Isabelle AND for the wonderful memories we will always have as a result of your class. I'm not overstating it when I tell you that at least 5 out of 7 days a week, a "Music Together®" CD is played in our house or car -- most of the time the kids put the CDs in on their own during their "quiet time" in their rooms.

The Music Together program is fantastic. YOU made the experience exceptional for us.

All the best to you from our family.
Looking forward to seeing you sometime this fall or winter.



Carol, thanks so much for always being such a wonderful instructor. From the energy you bring to EVERY class to the way you manage to connect with EVERY child, it's a joy to watch you at work. We're lucky to have found you.


I am so happy that I heard about your program at the JCC. It is a great program and I know it has helped Kaeleigh to enjoy music at home. She is always dancing when she hears a song. Since the start of the first class we attended, I have kept the CD going when we are in the car and I think that has also made a difference.

Carol is an excellent teacher and I have been so pleased with the classes I have gone to with my grand daughter. We are taking our second set of classes. Kaeleigh at nine months just wants to dance every time she hears music.

I am a former teacher and I just love how you also find time during each class to give some individual attention to each child.

Mary Frances

We had 3 couples over for brunch on New Year's Day and were all sitting around the living room talking. Eitan, 4 yrs old, (who has been attending Music Together since he was 2 1/2 months old) came over to me and said he wanted to lead everyone in a song. Of course, I said that would be great. I don't know which was funnier -- the fact that the song he led was Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" or the fact that, before singing, he gave everyone two Lincoln Logs each so they could tap them together while singing!

Thanks for all you've done for the boys!


Freyja really enjoys the classes. And, when the time comes, I hope she enjoys her teachers in school half so much as she enjoys the LMMT classes. She has started singing the songs she likes by humming or "oo-oo-ooh"-ing the tunes as she plays (no music necessary). Making up new verses is a favorite game as is dancing to her "music class music". We are still working on actual singing but I feel sure that will come.

Though we started her with various and abundant music exposure way before we started her in the LMMT classes, seeing other kids and adults enjoying music, each in their own way, has been tremendous in providing positive example for her to pull from. She has always liked music, but as her motor and verbal skills grow, the class has been great to spark her imagination as to the wonderful things she can do with those new skills.

Sorry to go on and on but I wanted you to know how much she(and we!) have enjoyed it. It has been such a special time for her to share with her Ahma (grandmother) and we look forward to continuing with classes.

Shelley-mom to 2 yr old Freyja